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Creativity Without Limits
Point Zero Painting

Michele Cassou

Michele Cassou has designed a revolutionary way of unblocking the creative potential: The Point Zero method. This unique self-questioning method leads us into the wild, untamed place within us where there are no judgments or rules. This is the place where we can feel fully alive and creative, a place where we can express and explore the mystery of our lives.

Michele is known internationally for her groundbreaking work in stimulating the creative potential, dissolving creative blocks and exploring the spiritual dimensions of the creative process.

Michele, a passionate painter, has painted thousands of paintings. She is the author of Point Zero, Creativity Without Limits, Life Paint and Passion, Reclaiming the Magic of Spontaneous Expression and Kids Play, Igniting Children's Creativity. She has produced several videos and DVD's of her work as well as CD's. Michele is the original founder of the Painting Experience. Do not confuse Michele's work with what is now the Painting Experience with Stewart Cubley. They are very different teachings.

Artists, educators, counselors, anyone with a thirst for uncovering their creative voice, can benefit from this work. No experience is necessary, just the desire to create naturally and spontaneously.

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