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san francisco
bay area

france & europe


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Here is a list of teachers for you to find out about classes, workshops and open studios in your area. Click their pictures or scroll down to read more about them, such as email, phone, websites, and workshops. Inquire about their teaching experiences and see what they can offer you.

If no one is featured in your area, visit or join the Point Zero Painters Facebook forum to learn about possible teachers and studios in your area. The Facebook forum is called "Point Zero Painters". You have to log into Facebook to use it.

Also, you can contact Cherie Ray by email at cherie@trueyoucreativity.com to search the Point Zero Painters database project.

Wishing you a wonderful painting time!

Eve-Marie Elkin-Schaffer, classes and workshops—New York area.


For more info:

Painting InsideOut Website:

Eve-Marie Elkin:

Phone: 914.844.6213

Eve-Marie offers weekly classes and monthly workshops in Painting from the Inside Out.

Claudia Erzinger—San Francisco, CA.


CCE Painting Studio
Changing Lives, One Dot at a Time!

For more info:

Website: www.ccesf.org

Email: ccepaintingstudio@gmail.com
Phone: 415.333.9515

Claudia offers classes, workshops, and events for adults and for children.
Online participation is possible for all classes & workshops.

Cherie Ray, Classes and Workshops—Houston, Texas, U.S. & Internationally.


For more info:

Website: www.trueyoucreativity.com
Email: cherie@trueyoucreativity.com
Phone: 832.545.8488

Cherie Ray, MLA, Consultant. Coach.

Cherie Ray has been exploring Michele Cassou’s Point Zero Painting since the early 2000’s. She facilitates new painters, returning painters, and Intuitive Painting Teacher Development, with Michele in Taos, New Mexico, Esalen in Big Sur, CA, and other venues. Cherie supports the integrity of Michele’s work, 100% pure creativity.

Cherie also facilitates workshops throughout the U.S. and Internationally. She regularly conducts workshops in Houston, TX, at True You Creativity Studio. These workshops can be attended in-person and Virtually. For more information visit, www.cherieray.com or contact Cherie at Cherie@cherieray.com

Cheryl Opie Workshops:
Brighton, Victoria, Australia.

Cheryl Opie
Brighton, Victoria, Australia.
Phone. [03] 9598 1141
Mobile. 0428 820 100
Email. cheryl@paintingfromwithin.webau.net
Website. www.paintingfromwithin.webau.net

Cheryl Opie Painting From Within

Isabel Fouchecour Workshops : France and Europe.
Isabel also teaches internationally.

YesPainting workshops

For more info:

Website: www.yespainting.com
Email: isabel.fouchecour@yespainting.com
Tel. +33 612 22 59 18

Isabel started practicing PointZero Painting in 1995. She spent the next 10 years flying from Paris to the San Francisco Bay Area three times a year to attend Michele's workshops and master classes. Isabel has been facilitating painting workshops in France and Europe since 2000. Her workshops count as prerequisites for attending Michele's Master Class in the USA.

"I am amazed and thrilled as ever by the power of the PointZero Painting approach. With just a brush in hand and a few colors, I keep exploring unknown and subtle territories. And I am delighted to share the power of this approach during the YesPainting workshops."

Kathrin Franckenberg workshops and classes, Koeln—Germany

"When I met Michele years ago and started with point zero painting holding a brush in my hand I entered a path of direct connection with the power and beauty of life in its oneness. It has been my wish to share this adventurous experience with others and assist them in finding their own individual way."

Kathrin facilitates children and adults to explore their own creative potential and teaches further educations.

The workshops count as prerequisites for attending Michele's Master Class in the USA.

Anna Billings, workshops—San Francisco Bay Area.


For more info:

Website: www.soulworkjourneys.com
Website: www.annabillings.com
Email: abillingsmft@gmail.com
Phone: 510.524.0833

Anna Billings is a licensed psychotherapist in private practice in the San Francisco Bay Area. She offers nature retreats and workshops on Creative Expression; Overcoming Creativity and Action Blocks; and Inner Relationship Focusing.

"On a search for more avenues of expression, I attended my first workshop with Michele in 1990. Instead of the how-to instruction I had anticipated, I was catapulted into a whole new world of freedom, play and rich inner connection. Michele's unique approach and her deep understanding of the creative process led me to enroll in her first-offered teacher training, a three-year adventure of learning and practicing her methods. I'm honored to be one of her current teachers for her workshops in Taos, New Mexico as well as Esalen and San Francisco, California."

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