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Paint Supplies

This page describes the supplies you will need for a workshop, and concludes with suggested vendors for all your Point Zero Painting needs.

Download Michele's Materials List For Painters for additional recommendations.

For a workshopif materials are not included—you will need:

- One set of paints: red, yellow, orange blue, green, brown, black, white. If possible, also: purple, sienna, magenta, beige, yellow-green.
– 3 brushes: small, medium, large
- At last 15 pieces of paper. Approximate Dimensions: 19 X 24.

We work with high quality tempera paints. 
The paints that we are using now are: Blick Studio Series tempera.
website: https://www.dickblick.com/
phone: 1-800-828-4548

Brands recommended: 
    - Blick Studio Series tempera.
    - Lascaux (more expensive). 
    - Do not buy Renaissance paint.

Natural bristle watercolor or gouache brushes.
Brands recommended: 
     - Isabey
brushes. (Best) Very good pointed brushes with excellent color reserve. Number 6234 #000, #1, #3.
    - Loew-Cornell 7000 Round (less expensive) Number #5 #10 #14
    - Yarka (less expensive) Number 10, 8, and 6

Paper choice: printing paper Wausau Exact vellum, 80-lb, 20" X 26". You can buy any other kind of paper you like in an art store but make sure it is not too grainy or overly smooth (Recommended 80-lb Vellum, 20" x 26", or 22" x 28".)

Can be found in printing supplies house. Very cheap. In yellow pages, look for "paper supplier".

Wall Board: called "celotex" on the West Coast.

- Ice-cube tray
- Plastic palette
- 2 plastic jars for rinsing brushes
- rags or Kleenex. 
- A knife to dish up paint. 
- A plastic bag or saran wrap to keep your ice cube tray moist during the night. 

Art Suppliers

Purchase supplies and materials for workshops that do not include them, or for your home/studio, with any of the following recommended vendors:

  • Molly Hawkins House
    phone: 1 888 446-6559.
    website: www.artsupplies4u.com
  • Nasco
    phone: 1 800 558-9595. Mail order. Reasonably priced.

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