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Michele's Skype Sessions

For your convenience as a supplement to attending workshops,
Michele offers Skype sessions for painters and teachers of all levels:

  • professional painters
  • beginners, advanced painters
  • painting teachers (for support and guidance)
The Skype sessions can also be counted as prerequisite for Michele's Master classes.

Michele's Skype sessions are a practical and inspiring way to:

  • work with creativity
  • renew inspiration
  • dissolve creative blocks
  • fulfill your full creative potential
The Skype sessions are also a great help to teachers who are in the process of starting to teach or are running into
challenging places with their students, or for those who lose their enthusiasm or motivation to teach painting.


To schedule a session:

  • Send an email to Michele at: cassouart@aol.com
  • Give basic information: where you live and if you have worked with Michele before.
  • List day and time when you are available: morning or afternoon, always in California time.
  • After Michele writes back and she has arranged a session time with you,
    confirm here by paying with the appropriate Paypal button below:

    First Session:   2nd Session or more:
    $130, for up to 45-55 minutes   $95, for 30-45 minutes

    (note: Michele's email address on Paypal is cassouSales@aol.com)

To prepare for and start the session:
  • 2 days prior to the session, email photos of your paintings, especially the recent ones, to michele at: cassouart@aol.com
  • You will be the one to call at the scheduled time; Michele will not call you.
  • Connect with Skype: Michele's skype name is: michelecassou
  • write a few lines about yourself (optional) and state what you want to work on.
  • During the session make sure you have your current paintings available to work on with Michele.

To expect during the session:
  • Michele will be working with you and your paintings directly just like she does during classes and workshops.
  • There will be no critique your work.
  • The goal will be to stimulate and guide you to go as far as possible with your creativity and your authentic expression.
  • Emphasis will be placed on helping you break through creative blocks and also in helping teachers in their teaching work.

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