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On Becoming a Creativity Teacher

Learning to teach

For those who want to dedicate their lives to teaching creativity, it is extremely important to enter the creative quest themselves and find depth and transformation in their own process. The intuition necessary for teaching comes from the same place as for painting. For anyone who wants to teach, my first questions are: Do you like to paint? Has it taken a priority in your life? Teachers must know creativity from the inside. If they don't directly experience their own creativity in painting, they won't be able to teach authentically. When teachers are in touch with their own painting process, their teachings lead students naturally to self-expression, self-discovery and exploration of life and spirit.

True creativity always aims at harmony and beauty, and this inspired state of pure creation cannot be induced by suggestion, agenda or technique. If the process is taught in a superficial manner, more and more interference is needed just to keep a student going. This takes the process from a spontaneous inner source to a mental place, and true creativity is lost. Moreover there are serious risks of manipulating the student's emotional state.

My "training" method helps the teacher-to-be discover the nature of pure creation. New teachers develop an in-depth understanding of the creative process and learn to recognize and support the actual moment of creation. The instruction also acknowledges and explores the inevitable transcendent aspects of creation that occur during the painting process. The teacher is taught how to become a guide and how to support to the student; the goal being to help students fulfill their creative potential and face and transcend creative blocks in practical and efficient ways. Here, practice and understanding are taught simultaneously. New teachers (and then their students) are given true means to reach Point Zero in creation, the source of their creative power. My book, Point Zero; Creativity Without Limits, presents many aspects of this method. This method is designed for those who search for their passion; for those who are willing to bring the questions of life itself into their work. Then and only then, can new teachers learn how to intuitively respond to students and guide them into the pure world of creativity.

More about the Master Class

The Master Class is not a training per se. It is a preparation for the in-depth understanding and practice of creativity that is the foundation of all true teaching. The world of creativity has many layers. Teachers have to uncover these layers one at a time and integrate them in their own work before they can truly teach. The master class offers such an opportunity and context. The master class also explores student-teacher interactions and establishes the parallels between painting and teaching. Pointers and recommendations are offered on how to hold a successful, creative class.

Students often repeat the master class because it's lively and inspiring - whether they want to learn to teach or deepen their process. This workshop constantly offers new materials for people dedicated to finding and sharing creativity in the world. Many people who attend this workshop are experienced painters and have made a commitment to their painting process. For those wishing to attend a master class, there is a prerequisite of 9 days of Point Zero workshops.

There are many benefits in being a part of the Master Class. A community is forming around the Point Zero process. Many of the participants are exploring and experimenting in both their painting and teaching. The Master Class has become an exciting place to share, exchange questions and ideas and find true support and inspiration in painting and teaching.

Please see the workshops page for more information about Master Class times and locations.

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